Monday, June 6, 2011

Tales from the Emerad Isle 2D special

The new issue of Emerald Isle was launched in Derry, and I now have copies for sale. No 2000ad characters this time around, this time we have Robots, Highwaymen, Fairies and more.  The creators, who put in valiant efforts to get this out in time for the con in Derry really came up with the goods,  they are as follows;

Cover- Conor Boyle

Captain Gallagher
Script Richmond Clements
Art and lettering Dave Evans

The Good People
Art Al Nolan

A Robot Walks into a Bar
 Script, Art and Lettering James Newell

 Mac Cumhaill
 Script Dirk Van Dom
 Art and Lettering Filip Roncone

 Lil Lovecraft
 Script, Art and lettering David Withers

 The Fairy-Catcher
 Script Matt Mclaughlan
 Art Dustin Parr

 The Good People 2
  Art Johnny McMonagle

 Cover Logo and design David Withers.

€3.00 £2.50 postage €1 £1

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