Monday, June 6, 2011

2D con in Derry

As you can see for the photos, the con in Derry was great fun.

I spoke to Mike McMahon, D'israeli and Mike Colins, gents all.
I chatted to the folks from RiRa, Longstone, Paddy Brown, Zenpop, David Withers from Berserker, Wayne Simmons with his Zombie books, I managed to get the last copy of his novel Flu,  and a few more whos name escapes me, but I have comics in the box!

I was aso beside Gary Northfield and Jim Medway of the Beano and DFC who sketched all day long, realy good guys and great artists.

I have never been to a con like this, a few marts in Dublin but this is a different beast. Its a credit to the organisers, the quality off the talent and the amount of Kids there, it can only help to prolong the life of this little industry that we all use, a hell of a lot more than DC relaunching their comic to and ever decreasing circle of readers.

There were very few quibbles, for the amount of kids there its a pity there wasent more Beano/Dandy reps, otherwise great day and a credit to David Campbell and all the people there on the day..

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  1. Looks like a blast, judging by the pics you posted on the forum. Wish I could have made it. How did Tales do?