Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Postage Sale!

To celebrate Comic Archive: One Eyed Jack and the Death of Valiant becoming the biggest selling item on the brilliant Comicsy site, and that St. Patricks day is upon us once again, postage is now FREE on all titles on the Hibernia page through Comicsy at

to anywhere in the UK or Ireland until midnight on the 17th of March.

Further afield will unfortunatly still have to pay postage, but do drop me a line and I will do the best postage rate that I can :)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Coming Soon..ish!

Quiet on this front for a while, but I'm working away on the next Comic Archive, most of the content has been finalised, so it just a matter of pulling it together in a coherent form.
It has a working title of Comic Archive; Beyond 2000, and there will be plenty of interviews, articles, some rarely and never before seen artwork.
Should be good!

I'm also finally on facebook here if you want to have a look!/HiberniaComics