Sunday, May 20, 2018

New from Hibernia; ‘The Fleetway Files’ the forth in its ‘Comic Archive’ series, available now to buy in print here:
There is a digital edition Fleetway Files available for 4.99, please send payments via paypal to and I will forward a PDF within the day.  Please mark payments ‘PDF’ and include your email address.
As a special offer to celebrate the release of Fleetway Files, there is a digital pack available of all
Hibernia’s Comic archive series.
'One Eyed Jack and the Death of Valiant' 'Beyond 2000 AD' 'Its Ghastly' and 'The Fleetway Files' all together for only £10!

Fleetway File’s explores the publishing phenomenon that was IPC Magazine’s comic division. Formed in 1969, the comic division brought together different comic publishing houses under one group and thereafter published an avalanche of titles and creativity for the best part of two decades.
Fleetway Files looks at all facets of this time, from Girls and Humour to Football and Adventure, with interviews and contributions from all the main movers e.g. David Hunt, Barrie Tomlinson, Bob Paynter and the late Gil Page.
Fleetway Files also contains interviews with Scott Goodall, James Nicholas (Tomlinson), Ian Vosper, and a small contribution from the late Jan Shepheard, and much more.
The launch of the new Eagle and the genesis of its incarnation of Dan Dare is examined with the help of Barrie Tomlinson and David Hunt . West County eighties cosplayer, coffins in Kings Reach Towers and Dan Dare movie treatments are all included!
Incredible rare and never seen before artwork by Ian Kennedy and Vanyo is seen in the ‘Creating Comics’ section, looking at the original pitch and characters sketches of Wildcat comic and Battle’s ‘Storm Force’
For more rare artwork via Brazil we have a Sticker album featured, and why should we be interested? It’s fully painted by the incredible Ian Kennedy!
Massimo Belardinelli art collector Robbie Cox treats us to an amazing double page spread of previously unpublished Belardinelli artwork, intended for the short lived Tornado, curiously working from Brian Bolland designs!
If that’s not enough, in association with Rebellion we proudly have the ‘Treasury of British Comics Sampler’ 16 page section or ‘pullout’ in grand Whizzer and Chips tradition! Rebellion’s Ben Smith and Keith Richardson tell of Rebellions acquisition of the Fleetway archive and their plans for the future.
Also included courtesy of the Treasury line is the origin of ‘Hot Shot Hamish’, ‘Sergeant Strong’, Zenith’s ‘Amazing Three’ and more with art from British legends like Ken Reid, John Burns and Denis McLaughlin.
Written and Edited by David McDonald (Scream Zine ‘It’s Ghastly’, ‘Beyond 2000AD’ and ‘One Eyed Jack and the Death of Valiant’) with additions articles by Jenni Scott, (JintyBlog) and Matt Bowen (Buster Website)
Design and additional material by Richard Pearce and article editing by Mike Donachie.
‘The Fleetway Files’ is Hibernia’s most ambitious offering, 106 pages plus cover, perfect bound, lavishly illustrated with colour throughout. All of Hibernia’s previous ‘Comic Archive’ sold out fast, so don’t miss out.

Please allow 10 working days for delivery, it usually is much quicker, but on rare occasions can take a while.

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