Tuesday, October 23, 2012


No activity here for quiet a long time, we have been beavering away here on a little project so expect that to change VERY soon, but for now I want to give a plug to a new Fanzine that is coming out for Halloween called AAIIEEE!!!  Ask for that in the comic shop very loudly!

Lifted straight from the excellent Down the Tubes, as I couldn't have put it better! (ie to lazy)

Paragon editor Dave Candlish and Matthew McLaughlin – creator of El Bigote, the undead Mexican bandit – combine to bring a new indie horror anthology comic to life – AAIIEEE!!!

Offering 36 pages of creepy tales including The Major by Tom Proudfoot and George Colman and a host of other short stories to chill your bones, the first issue includes an exclusive interview with Ghastly McNasty himself – the editor of Scream comic Ian Rimmer, telling the story behind the production (and demise) of the short-lived comic that included stories from the likes of Alan Moore and Simon Furman.

Launching on Halloween (when else?), AAIIEEE!!! will be available to order in print or download from www.lulu.com/spotlight/PARAGONcomic.

Its of special interest to me as I did the interview with Ian Rimmer, and ill have to say it a cracker, of interest to anyone interested in Scream or British comics in general.

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  1. Worth buying for the Ian Rimmer interview as well as some terrific strips. George Coleman's work on 'Major Tom" has to be my favourite, but it's a close run thing.