Monday, February 7, 2011

Defoe 'Spirits of Christmas'

A couple of weeks back Matt McLaughlin, who wrote the Joyce story in Emerald isle, contacted me to say he had a great story for the next issue of Tales from the Emerald Isle. I explained that the next issue may be a while off for me, new baby in the house leaves little time for anything else!
Matt sent on the story, a four pager written by Matt, with fantastic art by Conor Boyle, and letters by Dave Evans. Its one of the best 'small press' stories I ever had the privilege to read, and I'm sure it wont be long until all involved in the making end up in the house of Tharg.
Its a Defoe story from the pages of 2000ad, and rather that wait for months for the printed issue, its below for everyone to enjoy. Click on the pics to enlarge!

Even the Horned-God-Father himself, Mr Mills has given his blessing to Matt and Conor, here is his reply to the story.

"Hi, Conor and Matthew,
Just had a quick look at your advent Defoe - excellent story and  excellent art.   I was preparing to cringe and was pleasantly surprised.   You've both really thought about the subject matter, the character  and remained faithful to the original.     That's impressive and appreciated. Good luck with your future plans! And feel free to quote me if it helps."

Matthew McLaughlin has written for FutureQuake, Something Wicked, Dogbreath and Paragon, and has continued Alex Ronald's 'Red Sands' saga for Starscape Comics. When not dreaming up weird bulbous-headed monsters or blobby aliens Matthew is an amateur entomologist, particularly fascinated by the swarming phase of short-horned grasshoppers. Contact him at or
Conor Boyle can be contacted at

Bolt-01 is one of the editors of Zarjaz and Dogbreath and can be contacted through the blog:

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